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So I am a selfish person. I like doing things at my own pace and interest without a care for what other people think. Throughout these 2 and a half years in university, I have reached a point where I find it an utter pain to do something by other people's standards and disregarding my own. Why should I follow the crowd and do something just because EVERYONE is doing it as well? Why should I think and act in a certain manner just because it is WRITTEN that I should? Why should it be anymore special because it is the LAST thing we ever do together? To me, it means nothing and to pretend that it does is exhausting.
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It seems lately this is a place for me to unload all of my dissatisfaction and irritation. And today seems to be another bad day for me. I have been having insomnia AGAIN lately and for the past 3 days I've only managed about an average of 4 hours of sleep a day which is no wonder why I am on the verge on turning into a demon with just the slightest assistance.

So, as I was trying to keep myself awake, with only 2 hours of sleep from 4am to 6am, to memorise my Food Chemistry notes for my midterm in the afternoon, I was informed of the arrival of a package for me at the office. Resisting the urge to just grab my pillows and blanket and get my much deserved rest and pleasant dreams after I got back from campus, I went to the office all excited to collect the package. One look at how it was packaged gave my a deep sense of foreboding.

It was loosely wrapped and it looked like someone had just thrown in the CDs into a huge envelope without a care for their safety and left them to the mercy of the postal service. Tearing the envelope open, I saw the CDs wrapped in soft bubble wrap. Looking more closely, I realised that it is just loosely put around the CDs without even using cellotape to secure it properly. And lo and behold, one of the CDs has a huge crack on its casing. This very much puts me over the edge few times over. Of course I told the seller about how I am not satisfied with her way of handling but her only reply is sorry but she is inexperienced in sending CDs.

Saying that she is inexperience is just an excuse to get out of it and it is making me even more mad than I was. Even a small child can tell you that a CD case is easily broken. That is common sense. And if you have bought CDs from online shops before, you would have known how they always package their goods. This is ignorance on her part. Well, a child might not be able to properly wrap the package to be sent but being an adult, one would think that she would be able to do something about the protection of the CDs during transport. A package like that could only have done by a child trying to imitate the action of adults but failing at it. A child might be forgiven for that but for a student who is old enough to study overseas, this is not so.

A crack on the casing means that the product is defected and a defected product is not worth the price I paid for any longer. I am a collector. What does it mean to be a collector? I buy goods not just because I like them and want to have it in my collection but it also means that I take great care in the storage and preservation of the things in my possession. I put high standards for the goods I keep. I wrap books that I buy properly without using cellotape so that there is no mark on the inner cover of the books due to aging and so that my books stay in near pristine condition. Even some slight tears, bends and scratches breaks my heart and I even open my books as small as possible when I read them so that there are no lines down it's spine. Since I am not rich enough to buy the hard cover versions this is what I do with my paperbacks. And the CDs that I buy? I remove the plastic cover to look inside and I slowly put the CD back into the plastic, even when the plastic is like the ones on cigarette packages and is super hard to put it back in after taking it out. This is how far I would go to keep all my possessions properly. So when someone did something like that, how can I feign ignorance to such a glaring act of stupidity?
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I am very angry and irritated by a certain person and I would like to express my anger Harry Potter style.

To the person that make me think of dung bombs whenever you are near, greetings. It is of no consequence to you whatsoever however I may choose to spend all my galleons, sickles and knuts. Instead of paying for cheap cauldrons that melts after one use and wasting all my hard-earned money, the items I pay for actually has value and in due time would of course increase in price. This kind of investment is something a troll like you won't understand even if I have to explain it a hundred times over. Secondly, my interest in collecting and swapping Chocolate Frog cards is a universal hobby in the wizarding world and is very much enjoyed by all. Not only do I get to know other wizards and witches by swapping with them, I also learn about the famous wizards and witches portrayed in the cards. This is of course much better than your endless jaunts down to Diagon Alley and binge in spending down to even your very last knut on useless junk and cheap spells because you can't cast your own. Your sarcasm in commenting on my activities were not unnoticed and though a smile adorns my face when I am replying to you, I am muttering bat bogey hexes and jelly brain jinxs under my breath. And if you are not careful, one of these days when I could not contain my anger anymore, I'll cast obliviate on you. See how you like to lose all your memory when the exams draw near.
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While I am supposed to be studying for my midterm which would of course consist of 10% from the overall grade of the subject, I find my mind wandering over imaginary kingdoms, magical wonders and splendid mysteries instead of focusing on topic one which was Waste Water Constituents. Now, what's there to keep my attention on Biochemical Oxygen Demand or Chemical Characteristics of certain compounds when I can dwell in the castle of Attolia and take part in the adventures of Eugenides the former Queen's Thief, and current King of Attolia or fly among the clouds with Kiki and her broomstick and Jiji the black cat or even solve some of the troubles that arises from the misuse of magic in one of the many series of worlds from the Chrestomanci Chronicles. Instead, I am stuck to raw data and facts from being a Chemistry undergraduate. My fingers yearn for the cold touch of my craft scissors and though it hurts, the prick from a the sharp point of a needle. Crafting is so much more fun and enjoyable. So why am I memorizing equations and burning the midnight oil instead of doing something that I would find more pleasure in or better yet, getting my beauty sleep?


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