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I am very angry and irritated by a certain person and I would like to express my anger Harry Potter style.

To the person that make me think of dung bombs whenever you are near, greetings. It is of no consequence to you whatsoever however I may choose to spend all my galleons, sickles and knuts. Instead of paying for cheap cauldrons that melts after one use and wasting all my hard-earned money, the items I pay for actually has value and in due time would of course increase in price. This kind of investment is something a troll like you won't understand even if I have to explain it a hundred times over. Secondly, my interest in collecting and swapping Chocolate Frog cards is a universal hobby in the wizarding world and is very much enjoyed by all. Not only do I get to know other wizards and witches by swapping with them, I also learn about the famous wizards and witches portrayed in the cards. This is of course much better than your endless jaunts down to Diagon Alley and binge in spending down to even your very last knut on useless junk and cheap spells because you can't cast your own. Your sarcasm in commenting on my activities were not unnoticed and though a smile adorns my face when I am replying to you, I am muttering bat bogey hexes and jelly brain jinxs under my breath. And if you are not careful, one of these days when I could not contain my anger anymore, I'll cast obliviate on you. See how you like to lose all your memory when the exams draw near.


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