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While I am supposed to be studying for my midterm which would of course consist of 10% from the overall grade of the subject, I find my mind wandering over imaginary kingdoms, magical wonders and splendid mysteries instead of focusing on topic one which was Waste Water Constituents. Now, what's there to keep my attention on Biochemical Oxygen Demand or Chemical Characteristics of certain compounds when I can dwell in the castle of Attolia and take part in the adventures of Eugenides the former Queen's Thief, and current King of Attolia or fly among the clouds with Kiki and her broomstick and Jiji the black cat or even solve some of the troubles that arises from the misuse of magic in one of the many series of worlds from the Chrestomanci Chronicles. Instead, I am stuck to raw data and facts from being a Chemistry undergraduate. My fingers yearn for the cold touch of my craft scissors and though it hurts, the prick from a the sharp point of a needle. Crafting is so much more fun and enjoyable. So why am I memorizing equations and burning the midnight oil instead of doing something that I would find more pleasure in or better yet, getting my beauty sleep?


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